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Moisturizing Hand Soap (Blessings)

This hand soap is amazing and doesn't leave my hands dry after washing them and smells so amazing. I also was gifted a free sample of the Lemon Creme Cake wax melt and it smells amazing and I can't wait for it to be listed in the shop. These products never fail me they are always a 10 plus. I always will support you and your products!! Thanks <3

Vonetta C.

I love this candle! The presentation, the sound of it burning, and the consuming is perfect! The smell of the candle lingered long after I blew out the fire, and I love that about it. The fragrance is just enough and is not too overbearing that I lit it every day, as I worked from home, for 2 weeks! The sound of it burning also gave me chill, but steady vibes, which I needed to get through a workday. I will definitely be purchasing another for myself, family, and friends!

Shanisha B

This candle is EVERYTHING! I lit my candle in the bedroom in the back of the house..My family walked in and were in awe of how this 1 candle consumed the whole house with fragrance. My daughters comment "I hope heaven smells like this because this fragrance is everything! Please don't sleep on this one! I will be ordering more in a much bigger size. Thank you Ms. Ebonie ❤️

Stephanie D.

Luxurious Ambience candle’s are definitely a vibe. The fragrance is scented so nicely and it’s strong enough to light up your entire house. My absolute favorite scent is nana’s bakery. It reminds me of the fall season and yummy desserts. The truffle wax melts and room sprays are amazing as well. The quality and everything deserves a 5 star or 10/10. I can tell she put her all into creating these candles. The aesthetic of the candles and room spray go so well with all of my home decor. Thank you so much Ebonie!

Ryan M.

I was introduced to Luxurious Ambience Candle by YouTuber, Kae Whitaker, and I have not been disappointed. I think I have ordered well over 10 candles at this point, and it is consistent perfection each and every time. The jars are beautiful and can be upcycled to use anywhere in your home. These candles burn well, and the smell is always amazing. I have never had an issue with the throw of any of the scents I have ordered, as it radiates throughout my home. I have just received Santa's Cookie and am already loving how it smells, as if I have been baking. Luxurious Ambience has become my favorite luxury candle to use, and I will continue to support.


Luxurious Ambience had my entire house smelling so good. From the moment I opened my package the aroma hit me. These candles smell so divine and the best part is that they are eco friendly and safe to use!

Brittney T.

What We Stand For?

Aesthetic Home Decor

Luxurious Ambience Candles are created to coincide with your interior home decor. Our candles have a distinct luxury look that any home would love.

Coconut Wax

Our coconut wax is a high quality luxurious wax that is gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthlate-free, and come from renewable sources. Our cocunut wax blend is also FDA approved.

Eco-Luxe & Sustainable

Our mission is to provide luxury eco-friendly products and ingredients that are non-toxic and safe.